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The demand for data recovery services has been on the rise in the recent past as the use of computers continue to increase. Thousands of people continue losing their valuable data on a daily basis. Even though we have several data backup solutions, we just find ourselves forgetting to back up our data each time until a crisis occurs. Therefore, data lose becomes something that is not avoidable under certain circumstances.

Therefore, it is always good to have a data backup expert at the back of your mind. Don’t wait for the day when you have list your data before you begin to look for a recovery expert. You may end up making hasty decisions that will not help you. Data lose is a frustrating experience and you need immediate intervention. Making rush decisions when you are under stress may force you to make the wrong decision. You may choose a professional who does not have the ability to help you recover the lost data. In fact, you may end up losing more data or destroying your storage device further. rank top on the list when looking for data recovery experts in the region. You cannot compare the kind of services that we give to our esteemed clients to any other service providers in the region. Here are some of the things that make us the best when it comes to data recovery.



One thing we understand is that communication is key when it comes to the data recovery process. Most people who are seeking for data recovery services are normally frustrated because of the effects of losing data. You will just increase their problems by keeping quite yet they are under pressure. Therefore, we embrace the element of communication when dealing with any client.

First, we will try to understand the kind of data that was in your drive. This will help us to understand the kind of data that we will be striving to achieve. This helps us to know what we are targeting as we go through the data recovery process. It will also help our professionals know whether they have achieved their data recovery objectives or not.

We also try to understand the course of your data loss before we go very far. Therefore, our technicians will talk to you and advise you on how to avoid future lose. In case we discover that your condition is beyond control, we will advise you accordingly. The truth of the matter is that some data recovery processes are irreversible and we will not hide this from you. However, we will do our level best using the expertise that we have to help you get back your data. We don’t want to promise you something that we know is not practically possible. We will always keep you in the knowhow so that you are aware about the progress the whole process. Our professionals value communication and hence will always talk to you until the data recovery process is over.


We are the best if you are looking for a data recovery company that will hold the data recovery process in the most professional way possible. Our company values the industry’s work ethics more than anything else. Our aspiration is to make sure that we remain professionals in almost everything that we are doing. You can see the element of professionalism in the way the company handles its customers.

The first thing that we value is the integrity of customer data. Our professionals will make sure that the information that they retrieve from your storage device is safe and secure. We understand that your reputation can be compromised if some kind of information is leaked to the general public. Therefore, we will make sure that your data is secure throughout the recovery process. No wonder we are the most trusted brand when it comes to forensic data recovery and sensitive data scanning.

All our past clients will tell you that we are highly trusted when it comes professionalism. All our employees are persons of integrity who will not share your confidential information with that parties.  has passed the test of time in as far as professionalism is concerned. We will handle your data storage gadgets and the recovered data with the highest level of professionalism.


Skilled Workforce

The qualifications of data recovery experts that the company has is an important determining factor of the success rate of the company. Our company cannot employ anyone who is not a computer science specialist. Training is important because it serves as the foundation of any industry and data recovery is not an exemption. Our technicians are well trained and we can prove by showing you their credentials.

The other thing that you will love about our team is the fact that they are highly experienced. Most of them have been working in this industry for several years. Therefore, you can be sure that we have handled a case that is closely similar to yours. You can be sure that you are not going to lose more data in our hands. We know the right precautions that we need to take that will make sure that your data is safe. In addition, the high level of experience makes us to work on your device within a short period. Therefore, you can be sure of having a high success rate when using our services. The combination of experience and training produces the best data recovery experts in the region.

Modern Data Recovery Tools

Apart from having a highly skilled team, you also need the use of modern technology to be able to succeed in your data recovery endeavors. www.datausainc.comu remains to be on the leading end when it comes to investment in modern equipment. The management team has invested heavily in the best data recovery software that the market has to offer. Therefore, we can handle even the most complex situations that other companies have been unable to handle. We know developers who have designed the best data recovery products in the market. The company has also invested in several computer parts just in case your storage device has needs a replacement of some parts to allow you recover the data.

There are several benefits of investing in modern data recovery tools. First, this is the main reason why we have the highest success rate in the region. These tools will rarely fail us unless the data is permanently lost. We also use a very short time to recover your data from the storage unit. This means that our company offers the most efficient services in the region. You will get quick results at an affordable cost. Therefore, the use of modern equipment benefits both the company and our customers.


Turnaround Time

We have the best turnaround time when it comes to data recovery. Our professionals know that when you lose your data, you will want to get it back within the shortest time possible. This can save you a lot of trouble and also give you the desired peace of mind. Therefore, our data recovery technicians are very diligent when it comes to the data recovery process. We will want to take the least time possible to handle your data recovery work. No one in the market has the shortest response time like our team. We have a sufficient supply of data recovery experts who will embark on the data recovery process with immediate effect. You can be sure that we will be done with the whole process after a few hours or days. It all depends on the state of your data lose and thus more complicated processes will take a longer time. However, you can be sure that we will take the shortest time possible to handle your problem.


Broad Range of Services is a one stop shop for all your data recovery needs. You can run to us for any kind of data recovery task. There is nothing that is either too small or too big for our company. Some of the services that we provide to our esteemed clients include data recovery, hard drive recovery, external drive recovery, hard drive failure, forensic data recovery, sensitive data scanning, and boot volume errors data recovery to name a few. In case you feel that what you need is not on this list, don’t feel dismayed. You can conduct our customer support team and we will be able to find the best way of helping you out. You can be sure that we will help you out when it comes data recovery and other issues relayed to hard drive failure.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a highly specialized exercise that you cannot just leave in the hands of anyone. You need someone that you can trust with noble exercise. The challenge with most data recovery services is that they don’t have the capacity to handle this task. Our company is well placed to help you because we have the right tools and expertise to handle any data loss challenge. The team will not rest until you have your data back. We have invested heavily in high end software and tools that we use in retrieving your data. Our company has the best expertise in the region and hence your data recovery is safe in our hands.


Hard Drive Recovery

In case you have lost the data on your hard drive, we can help you to get it back. It does not matter whether you are dealing with a hardware or software issue. Our company has the right tools to deal with any kind of hard drive recovery. The first thing that we desire is to understand why you lost your data in the first place. This will help us to help you prevent future loss of data from your device. Most people think that the hard drive is a safe storage place and hence forget to back up their data. Thanks to our experts because they will help you to get your data back. After the recovery, we will advise you on how you can store your data safely. We have the highest rate of success when it comes to hard drive recovery. Don’t get stuck when we are here to make sure that your life is smooth and easy.


External Drive Recovery

The external hard drive is more exposed to risk than internal storage devices. Such a gadget can easily come into contact with water, fire, and bad weather conditions. The implication is that you can easily lose data from external drives. The challenge is that most people don’t understands this risk and hence keep on losing data from their external drives. As experts, we can confidently say that the rate of external drive recovery has always been on the rise. Our company technicians do their level best to make sure that you are getting your valuable data back. In case we need to replace a few components on your drive, we will do so as long as you get your data back. The good news with our company is that we charge very reasonable amounts for the data recoveries.


Hard Drive Failure

There are thousands of hard drive failures each single day. However, most people don’t know where to run to when they face such circumstances. Don’t give your hard drive to the wrong professionals because it may end up getting worse. You need people who practice a lot of responsibility when handling your data lose issues. Our professionals know how to deal with hard drive failures very well. The team will employ its high level of expertise to make sure that your hard drive is functioning properly again. In case you had lost some data, our data recovery experts will help you to get it back. For us, the most important thing is to get your life back on track. We can solve virtually all types of hard drive failures unless your situation is beyond control.

Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic data has remained to be a target of scammers for several years. However, you can also lose your forensic data out of other courses like deletion by mistake, virus attacks, contact with water or fire, mishandling the machine and many more. Losing such sensitive data can be very dangerous especially if the court proceedings are ongoing. Such loses can make the whole legal system to come to a standstill. We have highly experienced data recovery experts who can help you to recover your forensic data. The company also has sophisticated systems that that can handle this kind of complex process. The other thing that is important when handling forensic data recovery is confidentiality. You can be sure that your forensic data is safe and secure when you entrust us with this noble responsibility. We hold your data with high levels of integrity and hence it will not leak out to the general public and other third parties. You can trust us when it comes to sensitive data recovery like getting back your forensic information.


Sensitive Data Scanning

Would you like to get back your sensitive data like confidential business records? If your answer is yes, then you have to be extremely careful with the person who is handling this task on your behalf. You need someone who will not share this sensitive information with other people. Our company is very careful when it comes to upholding business ethics. We will handle your business data with the level of confidentiality that is deserved. We have helped several clients to deal with sensitive data scanning. You can be sure of getting high quality services from our side.


Managed Online Data Backup

It is important to make sure that your data is safe at all the times. One way to do this is through the use of managed online data backup. As a company, we are leading when it comes to the provision of these services. The company will make sure that your data is protected from the risk of loss. has the best rates when it comes to managed online data backup. Call us to day and we will be glad to deliver these services your way. Our experts will watch over your storage space in the clouds and make sure that your data is secure.


Boot Volume Errors Data Recovery

The booting error is one of the worst experiences that you can have with your machine. The worst bit is when the computer is completely unable to boot yet it has your valuable information. Don’t try to correct this situation by yourself because you may lead to complete destruction of your hard drive. It is good to allow our professionals to help you in correcting this problem. We will try to understand why your machine is not booting and then correct the problem. remains to be the best brand when it comes date recovery. We will help you whether you are dealing with hard drive data lose or any other challenge. Our team has been offering these services for several years and hence we have the right expertise to handle the task. Our data recovery technicians are also highly trained and certified. Therefore, you can be sure that your storage device is in the right hands. As a data recovery service, we have the highest success rate in the market. Therefore, you have a high likelihood of succeeding when you decide to use our services. We will also put in place relevant measures to help you avoid future data lose. The team will advise you on the best backup measures so that your data is always secure. We care about you and hence will want to cushion you against future data losses. Feel free to get to us anytime you are having a data crisis.

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